The latest ad campaign from Steakhouse and Elephant House has an elephant in it

Posted November 03, 2019 12:33:37The latest ad from Steakhouses and Elephant houses has an elephants in it.

They recently launched a campaign for the company’s new pet food and it’s an advertising campaign for its newest pet food line, which comes with a new, more exotic name: the “Elephant Food” line.

The company says it’s named after the iconic elephant that lives at the Elephant House and is known for its love of food.

The campaign’s slogan: “Elephants are the most loyal and passionate pets in the world.”

In the ads, elephants are seen enjoying food from a small wooden box and a small elephant is shown eating the treats.

“Our elephants are known for their loyalty, passion, and loyalty,” Steak House said in a statement.

“The Elephant Food brand reflects the dedication and passion of our elephants to their food, and we’re thrilled to bring our elephants into the new generation of steakhouses.”

It added that the campaign is part of an ongoing partnership with the Elephant &amphibian Society of America.

The organization has a partnership with SteakHouse that runs through 2022, with the goal of supporting the elephant rescue and rehabilitation of more than 1,400 animals across the country.

Steakhouses is also an exhibitor at the upcoming Elephant &ambiampicenter show, which runs through November 8.

It’s the latest in a series of ads that Steak &ampampus are running this year.

In November, they aired an ad for the first time featuring a horse named, “Mr. Wobble.”

In December, the company launched a new series of videos that features steakhouse mascots, including the “Piggy” and “Pee Wee.”

The company said in its statement that the new ads are part of its commitment to “providing our customers with a variety of products and experiences to delight and inspire them.”