Facebook, Amazon set to launch small house advertising on Facebook in the US

Facebook is set to start a small house ad service on its Facebook advertising house this year.

The platform has signed a deal with a local developer, and the first homes will be built in the city of Pittsburgh. 

Facebook’s small house programme has been around for a number of years.

But it is the first time that Facebook has rolled out an ad product directly on the platform.

The service is still in beta and has limited functionality, but it’s a step towards getting people to use the platform more.

The first homes built by Facebook’s new small house service will be for people who are in the market for a smaller home.

Facebook is now rolling out the service to the UK, and it is expected to roll out to US markets in the coming weeks. 

The company has been targeting small house buyers, as well as people looking for a more traditional home, and has been working with the likes of Airbnb and Zillow to offer services that people can sign up for.

Facebook also has plans to expand the service across the US, and will use the ad platform to reach more people. Read more Facebook will be the first major company to roll it out directly on its platform, and this will mark the start of a long road for the platform in the United States. 

But it’s not just the advertising market that Facebook is targeting with the service.

Facebook has already signed deals with several big tech companies to run ads on its ad platform. 

One of the biggest ad deals it’s signed was with a US-based company called Dixons.

Facebook said that it was in talks with the company for the next few months. 

While Facebook is likely to be the platform’s largest advertising partner, it’s also a big player in the home advertising space. 

“It’s not a huge company in the consumer space, but Facebook has been one of the most successful companies in that space,” said Matthew Fink, head of market research at The HomeAdvisor Group. 

Fink says that Facebook’s ads have been very successful in the last few years, and that the service has more than tripled in size since it launched in 2010. 

He said that the company has seen an increase in interest in the service from both traditional and social media advertisers.

“Facebook has been able to leverage its brand power to bring its advertisers and users more value and reach than ever before,” he said. 

 Facebook has also launched a “Home of the Year” series.

The programme aims to provide advertisers with the best way to reach their target audiences in the most targeted way possible. 

Last year, Facebook announced that it had launched an ad platform that was aimed at people looking to buy houses. 

This year, it has also announced that a home search service will help advertisers find homes that people are looking for. 

In the US alone, Facebook has about 15,000 ads in the Home of the year series. 

And the platform is not the only way for Facebook to reach advertisers.

It has also signed deals to run commercials on Amazon. 

Amazon is also offering its own advertising platform on its own platform, which means that advertisers can use both platforms to reach consumers. 

Image: Facebook/Facebook HomeAdvisors