More than half of Australian’s housing could be built on virtual land, developer says

The Australian Government is looking to make real estate development a lot more affordable for Australians.

Speaking at the Government House of Representatives on Wednesday, Australian Government Chief Technology Officer Tony Stewart said that the Government is considering creating a virtual land of its own, with plans to buy and develop land for housing and businesses.

“The government is looking at creating virtual land for real estate and building on it,” Mr Stewart said.

“We’re looking at a new kind of real estate.

The Government is also looking at building on virtual real estate.”‘

It is absolutely the right time to be doing it’In a recent interview with Business Insider, Mr Stewart also discussed the Government’s “digital” approach to housing, which he said was the key to unlocking economic growth and increasing housing supply.

“There are more than 1.2 million Australian households that do not have access to affordable housing,” he said.

The Government is currently in the process of developing a national strategy to build and build on virtual public spaces and land, Mr Stewart said.”[It is] absolutely the time to do it,” he added.

“In Australia, we have an ageing population and it is important we can get the infrastructure and infrastructure now to make sure we’re able to support the next generation of people to be able to access the new housing opportunities.”

If we can build it, and we can buy it, we can then sell it.

“The government will consider all of the information and data from the virtual land proposal, including a “full cost and schedule of the virtual real property” for sale, Mr Stuart said.

It would be a really exciting opportunity to develop.””

It is possible that we could potentially see the virtual property develop into a business, a housing project or a residential development,” he explained.

“It would be a really exciting opportunity to develop.”

Mr Stewart also said the Government was also considering “virtual” development of infrastructure like roads, water supply and other infrastructure to allow for “continuous, sustainable growth”.

The Government’s digital strategy will also look at ways to help people make money off of their digital investments, and how it could be used for economic development, Mr Simon said.

Mr Stewart said the new strategy was a step forward for Australia, and that it would lead to greater digital investment, but it would not change the current situation of people living in rented accommodation and relying on government support to stay connected.

“This is a very ambitious plan, but I think it is a step in the right direction,” Mr Simon told Business Insider.

“When we think about the digital economy and how we use it, what are the opportunities that it can provide, the opportunities for people to get paid for their digital activity?”


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The Bounce House is the marketing term used to describe the type of advertisement in a popular news story or website article.

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Bounce houses are frequently used in the advertising of home renovation projects.

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Bounce houses can be used to raise the price or discourage people from purchasing the home.

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