Waffle House’s Aberdeen House ad shows a white person wearing a mask

This ad shows what a white man in a mask would look like.

The ad, which appears to show a man in whiteface, shows him sitting at a table with a glass of wine and some bacon.

The first thing you might notice about the ad is the mask.

It shows the face of a masked man, with a white face mask and a red face mask.

But the ad goes on to show another masked man in the same room.

This is not the first time the company has shown an advertisement with the mask on its site.

Last month, the company ran a similar ad with a masked white man and a woman in their underwear.

The company said that the ad was meant to “deter audiences about the risks of wearing masks and make a point about social responsibility.”

The ad was widely criticized for using the mask to draw attention to a health hazard and not showing that mask as an alternative to a mask.