FIFA’s new ad revenue deal will include in-game advertising

FIFA is taking its first step into the lucrative world of ad revenue with a $1 billion deal that will include ad-supported programming in-team and out-of-game.

The new deal, which will see FIFA add ad-serving revenue for its own brands in the FIFA 16 digital-rights program, is being rolled out to the game through FIFA Mobile and will see it added to FIFA 16, FIFA 16 Mobile and FIFA 18.

The deal is being hailed by FIFA and EA Sports as a huge opportunity for the company, which has struggled to generate revenue since it announced it would end its in-market ad program in 2020.

“This deal represents a new level of innovation for the sport, a game that has always been an important part of our DNA,” FIFA said in a statement.

“We are looking forward to adding the ability to partner with ad-friendly brands and platforms to help drive the global soccer experience.”

The FIFA 2016 ad deal will be rolled out on FIFA Mobile as part of the new FIFA Mobile app, the app that will be installed on FIFA devices as well as FIFA 17 consoles and mobile devices and FIFA Ultimate Team in the coming months.

The FIFA Mobile deal will also include an additional ad-free, ad-sponsored feature.

This is not the first time FIFA has taken the next step in ad revenue in the game.

FIFA 16 will be able to be purchased on a monthly subscription basis for $7.99, while FIFA 18 is free for players.

In 2019, FIFA announced it was bringing back in-person advertising for the FIFA Mobile game, a move that is seen as a significant step towards reaching a more mainstream audience. 

The new ad-sales deal with FIFA will also see EA Sports add in-platform ad sales, and FIFA Mobile users will be offered the opportunity to choose whether or not to subscribe to the service.