Google Ads House launches new ad service, AdsHouse, to compete with AdMob

Google AdsHouse is launching a new ad platform to compete directly with the advertising giant, the company announced today.

Google has partnered with Admob, the biggest online marketplace for ad sales, to develop AdsHouse as a service.

AdMob will continue to operate AdsHouse.

AdsHouse has the capacity to scale to more than 5 billion impressions, and it is a fully-featured platform, meaning that it has built-in advertising capabilities.

“We are thrilled to bring AdsHouse to the broader world of advertisers, marketers and brands,” said Marc Randazza, vice president of product marketing at Google, in a blog post.

“AdsHouse will be a valuable tool for advertisers to help them connect with consumers, and to help advertisers build the right brand awareness, reach, and engagement.

We look forward to helping advertisers achieve even greater reach and engagement with their consumers in the future.”

AdsHouse will launch with 60 new ad types and more than 10,000 custom ad formats.

Ads will be delivered in Google News stories, news feed headlines, and news articles, and will be featured prominently in Google Search results, with the ads shown in the search results.

Ads on AdsHouse can be purchased through Google News, Google News Search, AdMob, and other partners, as well as through the Google Ads platform.

AdWords, Google’s search advertising service, will continue as a free service, with AdWords branded ads in the Google News feeds and in the AdMob feeds.

Ads and other advertising-related content will be visible in Google Shopping and Google Play.

Ads house, which launched earlier this year, allows advertisers to offer their branded ads to the public, with limited or no editorial content, for no additional charge.

The company was formed by Google, and is now owned by Alibaba.

Admob was founded in 2013 by Mark Zuckerberg and his son, Eric.

Randazze said that he hoped to be able to add more ad types in the coming months.

Google is the largest and most-used ad network in the world.

Its AdWords platform, the AdWords Marketplace, has over 25 billion impressions per month, and the company has been the largest buyer of ad space in the U.S. since 2012.

Google News and AdMob are Google’s news feeds.