What to know about affordable housing advertisements

A group of developers is running ads on billboards in Sydney’s CBD that advertise the availability of affordable housing.

Key points:A group of Sydney developers are running ads that advertise affordable housing on billboardsThe ads, which are located in central Sydney, are set to run until the end of the monthThe ads feature real estate agents who will sell the property to the ownerThe ads are set up by The Home Builders Association (HA), who have previously run advertisements about the affordability of the city’s housing stock.

“We’re trying to change the perception that affordable housing isn’t available,” said HA’s executive director Andrew Taylor.

“A lot of people don’t realise the availability is actually quite affordable.”

This is about getting people to think it’s feasible to build a home of their own in Sydney.

“The ads come in the wake of a recent development, when the Government announced the construction of 5,200 new affordable homes across the state.

In response to the announcement, developers have been flooding the market with advertisements in an attempt to entice more properties to come online.”

There’s a lot of great properties that have been announced for sale,” Mr Taylor said.”

The fact that they’re actually going to be built in a city like Sydney is something that’s going to give them the boost to really sell the properties for a lot more than they’ve been able to sell before.

“The HA’s ads feature property agents who are selling the property for $1.5 million.

The adverts will run until August 1, with the advertising group planning to use a mix of advertisements to get the message across to the community.”

If we can convince people that it’s possible to build these houses, they’ll be more likely to take the leap to get in the game and buy one,” Mr Walker said.