Canada’s housing market continues to bounce back

We have been working hard to get to the bottom of how housing market data is being used to push policy and policy makers, and we want to make sure that this information is being shared fairly, transparently, and in a way that we are not misrepresenting the data.

In response to our request for information, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) told CBC News that it has been providing housing market information to the federal government since 2012 and that CMHC is only doing so on the basis of “market conditions and demand” — which is to say, not because they are interested in pushing for any particular policy.

“CMHC has been transparent about our information collection activities in relation to the housing market and we have made the same commitment for all our information collected on the market since 2012,” said a spokesperson for the CMHC in an email.

However, the spokesperson said that the information the CMCH collects on the housing markets is “in no way linked to any government policy.”

It was not immediately clear how the information was being used, or whether the CMHC’s information had been publicly released.

The spokesperson did say that CMHCC has been using this information “in a transparent way” and that it is “not tied to any specific policy.”