How to find ads for your favorite sports team

The NFL is looking for ads for its most popular franchises.

On Friday, the league announced a new ad campaign that includes an ad from the Fair Housing Advertising House in Fairfield, Connecticut.

The Fair Housing Ad House is a nonprofit organization that works to improve housing, employment and education opportunities for people of color.

Its ad depicts a black family in a home in Fairmont, Connecticut, and says, “The Fairmont Fair Housing Alliance has a proud history of championing Fair Housing, and we’re proud to partner with the NFL to promote Fair Housing.”

In a statement, the NFL said, “We’re always looking to partner on innovative and compelling advertising to help our fans experience the NFL, and this new ad is an important step in that effort.”

The ad has been approved by the league’s marketing department and will begin airing next week.

The ad features a young woman walking across a cityscape with a poster of a man in the uniform of the Washington Redskins and a star on the back.

She is standing on a bridge and says to the camera, “This is my house.”

The house, built in 1915, is the home of the Fairmont Public Housing Association.

The home features a sign on the door that reads, “A Home For All.”

The owner of the house says, “[I] want everyone to have a chance to live in a safe neighborhood, and I want all of my tenants to be treated with respect.”

“Our goal is to create a home that everyone can enjoy,” the owner says.

“This house will be a home where everybody can live comfortably, and there will be people of all ages, races, backgrounds and income levels.”

The Fairhousing ad also features a woman wearing a Redskins cap and holding up a sign that reads: “We Are America.”