“Weird” post about the home decor industry

A bizarre post about a home decor website about home decor is getting plenty of attention.

The post, by an individual known as the ‘house wrap’, is a series of pictures of what appears to be “weird” houses on the internet.

The posts include a house with a giant “H” on the front of the home, and a house that looks like it was made out of wood.

The house wrap’s blog has a number of other strange pictures.

Some are of homes that look like they were built by the Nazis, and some are of houses that look very much like they’ve been painted over.

It is unclear what exactly the house wrap is posting, but he is clearly a prankster.

His posts are getting plenty the likes of comments from readers who are baffled.

“I think it’s just a little bit strange,” one commenter wrote.

“But maybe this is just the craziest house wrap ever?”

“It’s weird because they don’t seem to make the house wraps anymore, so they are probably just trying to make money,” said another.

“Maybe the housewrap is making money because he has so many pictures of weird houses on his blog?”

“I have a hard time believing this guy, because his photos of weird people make my eyes water, but I’m sure he has a real job,” wrote another.

Some have taken to calling the posts ‘crazy house wrapping’ and ‘weird house wrap’.

Others have commented on the posts with a mixture of amusement and disbelief.

“The weird house wrapping has a lot of money,” wrote one person on Reddit.

“And a few other weird things too.

This seems to be a real scam to make a quick buck,” wrote a person on Facebook.

It has been almost two months since the post was published.

The bizarre post was created by the ‘home wrap’ who claims to be an artist, a photographer, and even a “house wrap expert”.

The post was originally published on December 16, but was deleted on December 21.

The ‘house’ in question was painted in the colours of a swastika, but the original picture of the house was blurred out and the swastika was replaced with a circle.

“It looks like a lot more people are trying to get their hands on it than the original,” the post reads.

“You can even see the ‘H’ on the home.

It seems to show that they have painted the house over.

I have no idea why they do that, but that is not a good look.”

‘House wrap expert’ also posts bizarre pictures about his house in the style of Nazi Germany, including a picture of a house decorated in Nazi colours.

“Some of these are more than a little creepy.

It looks like the house is being covered in swastika flags, a sign that it was painted over in the late 1930s and early 1940s,” the ‘guide’ wrote.

A post titled ‘House wrapping expert’ claims to have been ‘captured’ in Germany by a Nazi ‘house expert’.

“It was a pretty scary moment for me.

My house is on my mind right now.

It could be that my house is the real deal.

If it is, then I will never have the pleasure of looking at it again,” he wrote.

Some commenters on Reddit have commented that the house in question has been a house for a very long time, so maybe the ‘man in charge’ of this ‘house is a long time gone.

“One person on the post commented: “My guess is that he has been hiding in the shadows of a barn for many years, and his job is to paint over the swastikas.

This house has been in his family for a long, long time.

It should be an interesting ride.

I mean, why not?

We will never know.

“The ‘guide’, who has a Facebook page called ‘The Home Wraps Expert’, does not appear to have any background in photography or art.

In a video posted to the ‘guides’ Facebook page, the ‘owner’ states that he is a ‘house wrapping expert’, but he doesn’t have any qualifications in either field.

He also states that there is no proof that he actually exists.

“My family is living there. “

This is my own house,” the guide says in the video.

“My family is living there.

It’s been in the family for years, since I was a child.”

In a post titled “The Truth About The Home Wrapping Experts”, he says that he wants to sell the house and that it is not his responsibility to ensure it is safe for people to visit.

“A lot of people think it is a real home, so that is what I will do,” he writes.

“People need to take the time to go visit the house.

So go. I promise.